Mission Impossible III; X-Men 3; Superman Returns; Clerks 2; Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Dead Man’s Chest

I’m sure you all just kind of figured that I boycotted the cinema this summer. ME! Miss out on all the sequals?! Never!


Mission Impossible 3 – So Tom made friends with the guy that created the television series Felicity, Alias (which Tom thinks is awesome; Jim too for that matter) and my favorite Lost. The story I heard. Tom calls up J. J. Abrams (or a liaison) and invites J. J. out to Tom’s place where they would take about movies and jets and other things that interest Tom. After surviving the weirdness of Tom Cruise’s people calling and inviting you to spend a day with Tom J. J. agreed to do the movie. It turned out ok. Not as stylish as the first two but it’s clever enough and features Phillip Seymore Hoffman in his most intimidating role to date.


X-Men 3 – this movie has all the geeks really pissed off because their beloved director Bryan Singer was replaced with Brett Ratner. I’ve seen the first two X-Men films and I’ll admit that they are well enough and I was entertained for a couple hours, but where does Singer get all this adulation. The writing is absurd and the films contain no action. Yes, that’s a very general statement with no supporting points. I realize that. Tough shit. X3 is as good as either of the other two and just as bad.


Superman Returns – So this is why the renowned Bryan Singer couldn’t do the X-Men. Here’s what’s good: The music from the original (John Williams) is still here, the opening credits are identical and they didn’t recast Jor-El (Superman’s Father). They reuse the footage of Marlon Brando from 1978. Here’s what’s bad: The original music that was composed for the film, once again the writing is juvenile (once again no supporting points; trust me), and finally the moments where they use Marlon Brando’s voice overs are so pointless and arbitrary. Very disappointed in this one.


Clerks 2 – Very funny (no supporting points other than saying it was written by Kevin Smith). Love the cast, love the dialogue (some of it) love Rosario Dawson. This film takes a few dives into the over dramatic and the arguments between a few characters could have been cut up a bit. As for the grand finale which will remain a surprise to you was not that grand. Side note: Kevin said before this film that he wouldn’t make another Jay and Silent Bob film however he promise his co-star and friend Jason Mewes that if he stayed off drugs he’d write another film for him. This was it. Kudos J.


Pirates of the Caribbean 2 the Dead Man’s Chest – this movie was too long and personally I found Depp’s routine running a little thin, but that is no criticism of him rather the writing, director and editor that relied to heavily on him.


Special thanks to those that have encouraged me to start writing these again! You know who you are. And I hope these didn’t suck too bad.

~ by fumikaelson on September 25, 2006.

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