The Hills Have Eyes; V for Vendetta; The Inside Man; Lucky Number Slevin; Thank You For Smoking

More “half ass” catch up reviews…


The Hills Have Eyes is a remake of a 1977 classic by “Master of Horror” Wes Craven. This remake is gory, shocking and never boring. Even in the first act, where nothing devastating has happened, the interaction between family members is entertaining. It was honest and funny and eerie because you know this innocent group has the worst imaginable horror in store for them.


V for Vendetta was written by the Wachowski’s, the Masterminds behind the Matrix trilogy. This comic action satire is sharp and funny and grandiose. The man behind the mask deserves special mention here as he is most recognizably Mr. Smith from the Matrix. Hugo’s performance as V is vaudevillian, vivacious, virtuoso and vibrating with vigor, verve and a vagary for volleys of a vast vocabulary.


The Inside Man is a bank heist film with a twist. The twist here is the director, Spike Lee. Instead of forgettable performances from the meaningless side characters this film gets its life from the many colorful New York quintessential characters that occupy the background of this film, playing perfect compliment to good performances from Denzel, Clive and Jodie.


Lucky Number Slevin is one of my favorite films so far this year. It is a stylish mob against mob flick starring Josh Hartnett, Lucy Lu and a few other familiar faces. The brilliance in this film is the dialogue. This film makes Hartnett sound like Bogart and despite an obvious concluding twist this film provides a lot of fun in between.


Thank You For Smoking is another in the string of best films so far this year. This one is written and directed by son of Ivan Reitman, (Ghostbusters director) Jason Reitman. This is a spin story on a spin doctor, not unlike Levinson’s Wag the Dog. Great cast, great dialogue, this story, about a tobacco lobbyist who juggles his job, family and image wins on charm and savvy.

~ by fumikaelson on August 2, 2006.

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