The Legend of Zorro


“ha HA!”

Columbia Pictures presents a film directed by Martin Campbell. Written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Running time: 129 minutes. Rated PG.


It’s been a while and while the box office was pretty high for the first in this series “Mask of Zorro” for some reason they just didn’t get around to making a sequel until now. Here’s the good news: Antonio is back, Zeta-Jones-Douglas is back, director Martin Campbell is back. Now here’s the bad news: Sir Anthony Hopkins is not.


Campbell directs action very well and provides a few exciting swashbuckling scenes, but on my drive home as I’m trying to understand why I didn’t care for this film very much I came to a couple realizations. No Tony Hopkins. As always he brought to that role such unexpected grace and intensity that was far better than the writing. Next problem was the length of the film, which could have been fixed by observing the third problem. By now we’ve all seen enough movies to recognize the whole, “poking of the head out from behind something to get a look at what the bad guys are doing, but without being seen myself” routine. That said observe the painfully overdone sequence toward the end of the second act where Zorro follows his wife’s kidnappers to the train in which he follows and follows some more and pokes his head out from behind boxes, doorways, more boxes and behind a series of walls and bushes. When I, in the audience, begin to count the number of times, in a sequence, that a character pokes his head out from behind something than it might be time to hit the editing room for another cut.


That said this film was fun and funny, especially in the scenes that find the son of Zorro being just as heroic as his mighty father. But having said that, Tony Hopkins still isn’t in this movie.

~ by fumikaelson on April 18, 2006.

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