Sony Pictures Classics presents a film directed by Bennett Miller. Written by Dan Futterman. Based on the book Capote by Gerald Clarke. Running time: 114 minutes. Rated R (for some violent images and brief strong language).


Truly great performances come along only every now and again. Seldom are they surprising because they are most often coming from an actor you already know to be capable of greatness given the right material. I first noticed Hoffman in a film called Happiness. From there everything I saw him in I recognized him and admired his abilities. I became a fan during my first viewing of David Mamet’s “State & Main” and since will see a movie strictly because he is in it as in the case of “Owning Mahoney,” a great performance in a good film about a lone officer with a gambling addiction.


What I knew about Truman Capote before this film was that he was a writer. Nothing else. Forgetting Hoffman for a minute and focusing on the film. This is a uniquely powerful film about the complete destruction of a man’s spirit. I admit that I was not really drawn into this film from the start and even 40 minutes in, but upon retrospection I must have been distracted by Capote’s personality. The voice took a moment to get used, only because it is odd and a little funny too. But sometime during this movie I completely forgot about what he looked like and sounded like and began feeling everything he was at every moment in the second half of the film, which still haunts me a bit when I think of it.


I feel a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction when an actor I’ve known for some time, while others didn’t, has finally earn the esteem from not only his peers, but the audience as well. Maybe now my brother will remember his name and not just the fact that he was “great” in “The Big Lebowski.”




The other guy in the picture is Clifton Collins Jr. He’s completely capable of greatness and before not too long you’ll see him in something that will make you remember his name too.

~ by fumikaelson on March 21, 2006.

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