Paramount Pictures presents a film written and directed by Cameron Crowe. Running time: 120 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for language and some sexual references).


By now most of us know intimately the musical background of Cameron Crowe. That in mind we shouldn’t be surprised that this film is an attempt at capturing every romantic moment to an unfamiliar yet welcome tune from several decades ago.


So here we find two of the more attractive people working in film today Orlando Bloom and Kirsten Dunst. Dunst I admire a great deal because of her uncanny ability to be lovable in any role she finds and further her ability and attraction to good directors and good material. Bloom I’m not too crazy about and though I thought this would be the film and role to turn me around on him, I’m still not a fan.


The bulk of this film centers around the wedding of Chuck and Cindy, the unwitting stars of this film. It was through the antics of Chuck and Cindy that enabled Orlando and Kirsten to stand aside, detached, and make the comical and soulful observations that would lead them into each other’s hearts.


This is, if not anything else, a fun and fancy free film about two young people a little lost, a little lonely and a little full of shit and too fucking stupid to pay close attention to the soundtrack that would have helped them get together a lot sooner. And as ridiculous as it sounds when Orlando finally listens to his prescription soundtrack this is when the film finds its heart and the characters really do learn everything they need to learn. Lesson of the day, listen to the music that surrounds you every day and don’t be afraid to let it inspire you.

“Thank you, Chuck.”


~ by fumikaelson on December 1, 2005.

One Response to “Elizabethtown”

  1. It is true Chuck! the sound track is better then the movie!!! =P Great film all together. Very upbeat, even made me cry!

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