The Constant Gardner

Focus Features presents a film directed by Fernando Meirelles. Written by Jeffrey Caine, based on the novel by John Le Carre. Running time: 129 minutes. Rated R (for language, some violent images and sexual content/nudity).


I often forget how great of an actor Ralph can be. I haven’t seen many of his films but for some reason it feels like I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen Quiz Show, Schindler’s List, Red Dragon, The Avengers and now The Constant Gardner. Maybe that’s why I often forget how good he is, which he is once again in this film. So far this is the Oscar performance of the year for the men.


As for the movie it is gritty and raw and in that style familiar to those who saw this director’s previous effort, City of God. Lots of films these days play around with the time line of their story because it’s sort of creative and interesting, but rarely is it because it serves the story best. In Memento there was no better way of making you feel like you, like the main character, had short term memory loss. In this film there’s no better way for you the audience to fall in love all over again with Rachel Weisz then by going through this adventure with Ralph and uncovering pieces of a puzzle that has you believing that she’s just been an unfaithful wife.


Nothing is further from the truth and nothing is more romantic than a man putting himself into harms way in order to understand his wife and her passions. This is a love story set against large business scandals and a heroic tale of the kind of people who put the needs of others ahead of even the person they love the most.


~ by fumikaelson on September 29, 2005.

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