Batman Begins

Warner Bros. presents a film directed by Christopher Nolan. Written by Nolan, Bob Kane and David S. Goyer. Running time: 140 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for intense action violence, disturbing images and some thematic elements).


No matter what you read in the following remember this…I liked this movie. It was a good movie. An adequate summer movie. However…


When you work in an environment where you encounter any and all kinds of movie tastes, but most commonly, average Joe’s taste, you tend to let that weigh on an opinion you have for a picture, you might have thought was pretty good.


“Well, I liked it because it was darker than the others.” “I liked it because they got rid of the nipples Joel Schumacher put on the costume.” “This was more realistic than the others.”


I agree with one of these, but darker? More realistic? I don’t watch a Batman movie because it’s so dark I can’t see him hit anybody and for realism I watch Dawson’s Creek. It’s not melodrama it’s a comic book movie. When I saw this film I turned to several friends, most of which I had, at one point or another, respect for. Only one of them was able to tell me that they saw the same movie I did. Another went as far as to ridicule Tim Burton, who made not one great Batman film, but two. Now I know that the latter was probably just baiting me, but for fuck’s sake doesn’t style and a witty screen play count for anything these days?




I’d like to give a special mention to the most unexpected and only brilliant performance in this movie. No, not Katie Holmes’ breast, though they were good. Gary Oldman, who I was once told, is the greatest character actor on the face of the planet. A Lon Chaney for our time. I’ve seen many films that reinforce this point, this is another.


~ by fumikaelson on August 4, 2005.

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