Revenge of the Sith


20th Century Fox presents a film written and directed by George Lucas. Running time: 140 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for sci-fi violence and some intense images).


Waiting years and months don’t mean a thing in the end. In the end I found myself waiting seven hours at a movie theater for the final installment of this, my most beloved saga. Only fitting now that I make most of you wait for the final of my Star Wars reviews, though be it with far less anticipation I’m sure.


The failings of this film are the same as the previous two. Lucas presents dozens of opportunities to blow our collective fan boy heads clean off, but then doesn’t. Is this mercy or laziness? Is it bad writing or directing? Anakin is described by Obi-Wan in Star Wars as “The Best Star Pilot in the Galaxy.” The opening space battle provides us with the opportunity for a little show off time that would not be considerd gratuitous. Obi-Wan advises Anakin to keep his eyes on the prize and we leave the battle to rescue the future Emperor. The rematch between Anakin, Obi-Wan and Dooku does not disappoint, but it wasn’t great either.


Where this film steps right is in the dialogue between “Pal to you and me” Palpatine and Anakin. Palpatine was as slimy a snake as one can be manipulated by. Hearing about the mysterious Sith is one of the highlights in this film.


These days I watch the film and count the disappointing moments. Like Obi-Wan versus Jedi killer General Grievous. Grievous swings four, count them, four stolen lightsabers at Obi-Wan at wicked speeds. How do you fight a monster like this, that has killed dozens like you before? The force, maybe? No. Obi-Wan ducks, flips (once) and dodges as if his Jedi Master was Dodgeball All Pro Patches O’Houlihan, rather than force master Yoda or death defying Qui-Gon.


Lucas takes another nice and unexpected step when we wait impatiently with Anakin and Padme as they look towards each other from his Jedi Temple and her Apartment. The music in this scene does all the work and sounds eerie in a very unfamiliar way to any Star Wars film.


Directly after we get four Jedi bad asses led by Mace Windu confronting, soon to be Jedi Killing Sith Master, Palpatine. Well, our old Pal leaps at them, they flinch, two are dropped with not so much as a gesture of combat ability, then the third dies leaving conveniently a mono y mono dual between Mace and our old Pal.


Then we get a conflicting sequence which is great and weak all at once. It’s the betrayal of the Jedi. It’s a good montage, original to the Star Wars series, but no one puts up shit for a fight.


Where this film steps right once again is in our final duals for the fate of the galaxy. Yoda versus Sith Lord Sidious is bad ass and features the symbolic dismantling of the Senate Chamber as Sidious launches pod after pod at the fleeing and stumbling Yoda. Then it’s Obi-Wan versus that ungrateful and lost young man, Anakin. It’s fast and ferocious apart from a small break where they just decide to kick each other a couple times.


The epilogue of this film has a lot of ground to cover. The birth of both twins and the rebirth of newly paraplegic Anakin into Darth Vader as we know him. We learn who ends up where and pretty much why and even how Obi-Wan is able to communicate with Luke after he dies in Star Wars. All in all it delivers a satisfying conclusion, complete with dark overtones, bleak futures and enough set up for another entire trilogy.



~ by fumikaelson on August 3, 2005.

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  2. Man the end of “Star Wars” how sad is that…. You never know when Lucas becomes brook in the near future he will make a seventh and it will be how the ewoks take over man kind with their adorable looks.

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