Newmarket Films presents a film directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. Written by Bernd Eichinger. Based on the book Inside Hitler’s Bunker by Joachim Fest; and the book Bis zur letzten Stunde by Traudl Junge and Melissa Muller. In German, with English subtitles. Running time: 155 minutes. No MPAA rating.


This is a film that will sure be among the top films of 2005 for our Penyork founder. Usually, when this is the case I respond with a sort of lack luster review. I will make the exception here.


This film is unlike any other World War II film I’ve ever seen. This film also did what Hitchcock was able to do with his film Psycho. This film makes a protagonist out of the personification of evil, Adolf Hitler. There are moments in this film where the storytelling is so good that I started to feel bad for these poor guys trapped in a bunker while their city falls to foreign invaders. Then it hits me. Fuck this guy, he’s Hitler.


This film is a testament to the man Hitler must have been to be able to command such strong loyalty of people that mothers would sacrifice their own children so they wouldn’t have to grow up in a world without Hitler and socialism.


A special mention to the performances of the entire cast. The ensemble is completely unknown to me, but each performance was completely flawless. The two stars of this film will and must get most of the credit, Bruno Ganz, who stars as Hitler and Alexandra Maria Lara who plays the young secretary who serves him with awe and gullibility and later confessed she was too curiosity to pass on the job.

~ by fumikaelson on June 20, 2005.

One Response to “Downfall”

  1. Chuck, strong writing as always, nice to see you catching up with so many at once. I have to admit, I had already forgotten about some of these movies. How time is flying. Will we see a couple more reviews before the big trip?

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