The Interpreter


“Make sure nobody’s coming.”

Universal presents a film directed by Sydney Pollack. Written by Charles Randolph, Scott Frank and Steven Zaillian. Based on the story by Martin Stellman and Brian Ward. Running time: 128 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for violence, some sexual content and brief strong language).


After Random Hearts Sydney Pollock had a bit of making up to do. Harrison Ford, Kristen Scott Thomas and he still couldn’t make a good movie!?


This is an exceptional thriller. Sure you get the obligatory secret service guy falling for the girl he’s supposed to protect or investigate or whatever. But shit he’s still a man and she is still Nicole Kidman. So you let things like that go.


This was the first film to be shot inside the UN. Whether or not they had permission I’m not sure. Security seemed a little lacking in there.


There are some memorable sequences in this film and it wasn’t as corny as the trailer made it look. Performances were expectedly good except the last scene between Penn and Kidman that looked like an after thought that should have just stayed “a thought.”

“Gee wiz I think you’re really great.” “Shhh, you said that already.”

~ by fumikaelson on May 26, 2005.

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