Sin City


Dimension presents a film written and directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez, with guest directing by Quentin Tarantino. Running time: 124 minutes. Rated R (for sustained, strong, stylized violence, nudity and sexual content including dialogue).


The night was dark, not unlike they usually were. The film was Sin City. I had a lot riding on this film. I got a little careless with my heart, which was always the case when I took two bottles whiskey to the movie directed by Robert Rodriguez. She was an old kind of movie, the kind that looked familiar, like you may have had your way with her before, but who the hell remembers anything anymore.


Everything was going fine, that is, until a prostitute named Goldie died and Bruce Willis’s sidekick shot him and left him for dead, then things got better.


They were Hartigan, Marv and Dwight. Each of them were just lookin’ after some girl. Some girl too hapless and too pretty to look after themselves. Or maybe that’s just these everymen thinkin’ that way so it would appear they still matter in this shit hole city. There were double crosses, Japanese assassins and crooked cops, but that’s nothin’ new. There were chases, escapes and final showdowns to the death, but hell, it seemed like the right thing to do. Turn down the right back alley in Sin City and anything can happen.

~ by fumikaelson on May 17, 2005.

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