Phantom of the Opera


Directed by Joel Schumacher. Produced by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Written by Schumacher and Webber. Musicked by Andrew Lloyd Webber.


School days school days dear oh golden rule days. That was the song I kept hearing in my head as they were singing something else. Did they not think we’d notice that they ripped that song off?


Anyway if you like musicals than you might like this movie. The lyrics by the acclaimed Tim Rice are so basic and ordinary they actually require you to not remember them. What makes this musical so memorable was the music, which is what they’re going for in a musical. Nonetheless it was so haunting, whether you liked it or not you will be humming it later. I enjoyed this film. I wanted to see it because it’s rather popular and I had never heard even a lyric from this thing. On top of that it was directed by the great Joel Schumacher, who always makes great films (when the film doesn’t contain the word Batman in the title).


The production was so lush I’m actually using the word lush. Unbelievable yes. To sum up, music good, lyrics bad, movie good. And a special mention to the up and coming Emily Rossum. Wow.


I don’t do this often but I think for this film review a dedication is in order. To the person who saw this film with me and vomited the entire duration of the film and yet stuck it out, even afterwards over drinks as I continued to hum “School Days.” This one’s for you Heather.


Ps. Minnie Driver gives the best and most unexpected performances in recent memory.


~ by fumikaelson on April 11, 2005.

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