Bad Education

Sony Pictures Classics presents a film written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. Running time: 104 minutes. In Spanish with English subtitles. Rated NC-17 (for a scene of explicit sexual content).


Being a former student of the ever parochial Saint Gregory’s Catholic Grade School I can say with and from experience that this film is totally and completely ridiculous. Maybe I had a different grade school experience from everybody else or this guy was trying to make a complete work of fiction. Priests having sex with young boys? The whole idea is holy nonsense.




I didn’t really like this movie all that much. Sure this guy’s a great director and he shot some of the most graphic homosexual sex scenes this side of the X rating. The story just wasn’t all that interesting. It was at first, when it was simply someone trying to get his story told, the story of how he was molested by a priest when he was a boy and now he’s a queen. This film suffered from too many twists. The queen wasn’t really the boy or the boy wasn’t really a queen, but became one for the purpose of getting an acting job, the blackmailing and scheming and murder, I thought, were completely useless in this story that was so much better when it wasn’t trying to be a film about murder. This was supposed to be a film about “bad education” and bad sex, bad in the true and moral sense of the word.


Regardless of the story flaws this film is extremely well acted by the rising star Gael Garcia Bernal, who stared in Motorcycle Diaries and Y Tu Mama Tambien.


Warning if you are in even the slightest form, homophobic, do NOT go see this movie!!!


Warning if you are in even the slightest form, afraid of well directed, though worn out story lines do NOT go see this movie!!!


Warning if you are in even the slightest form unaware that you are reading reviews by a mediocre writer STOP reading now!!!

~ by fumikaelson on February 23, 2005.

One Response to “Bad Education”

  1. Your review of this movie would be more understandable if you had seen it AFTER The Phantom of the Opera. You know it’s all down hill after having witnessed perfection. But for me, some good ole’ fashioned homosexuel sex is perfection. Maybe that’s why I enjoyed this movie so much.

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