Errors and Omissions


An error occured in the last review of Trey Parker’s Team America: World Police. If you have already read the review you know that the error was that I wrote a piece of shit review. I have rewritten a new piece and removed the old one. My editors have been sacked and just to be on the safe side I’ve fired my new editors before they have a chance to fuck up like the last ones. I also have sacked myself, but after careful consideration rehired myself so that I can retain the ability to sack any further cuprits to mediocrity.

your humble writer,



the fact that jenny connelly appears in this post does not in any way imply she is the poster child for errors and omissions. when in fact the opposite is true, despite poor wedding plans to someone that is not me. her use here is simply an attention grabber and something to look at in case it’s a while before my next review.


~ by fumikaelson on November 9, 2004.

2 Responses to “Errors and Omissions”

  1. Just crawled out of the sack to say, I wish I would have read the first one. Come to think of it, I am gald I did not. It would have not been able to see this great picture. Oh and I like the sack, just wish you where here?


  2. Jenny’s HOT

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