Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow


Paramount presents a film written and directed by Kerry Conran. Running time: 107 minutes. Rated PG (for sequences of stylized sci-fi violence and brief mild language).


This is the kind of movie I really wanted to like. This is the kind of movie that I always said I would make. Adventure, excitement, I crave these things. It’s nostalgic and pitch perfect. The look, the feel and the dialogue is all right on the money. Why then did this film not resonate with me or with anyone else? Good question.


No one can really explain nor can one predict when a film is going to be a phenomenon. There are to many elements in the equation to figure out. Timing, for one, for some reason, people say, has everything to do with a films success. Was the world ready for a movie about the World of Yesterday’s Tomorrow? I guess not. It’s too bad, because the movie was good. The cast was first rate, though I thought it odd that the British sounding lead was representing Joe America. Does that mean that in the past’s future that the British invaded our land and recaptured our souls and forced us to adopt their ideals and accents? I leave that question to the sequel. The story was something right out of old fifties Sci-Fi. Aliens coming down in robots for no explainable reason, taking what they want and reeking havoc everywhere they go. Sounds cool on paper I suppose. Nothing with this film held any kind of resonance with me. I didn’t pine to see Sky Captain make his heroic entrance a second time. I didn’t really care to see again, Polly Perkins having a terribly fascinating discussion while the Wizard of Oz plays behind her. This film was gorgeous to look at. Everyone did there job correct. The problem was that the genre they are working in is serials. You didn’t watch a given episode over and over again. You tuned in every week to watch Joe get into zany adventures and trade verbal punches with his leading lady. If there is to be a sequel I’ll see it and probably enjoy it too. Will I buy the 8 disc collection of Sky Captain one day? No. But ah…you wanna watch Reloaded?


~ by fumikaelson on September 30, 2004.

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