Open Water

Lions Gate presents a film written, directed and edited by Chris Kentis. Running time: 79 minutes. Rated R (for language and some nudity).


No matter what you do, if you make a film that has sharks, it will undoubtedly be compared to Jaws. Which is completely unfair to any film, but that’s just how much of an impression that Spielberg has left on us. If that weren’t enough this film is also presented like a documentary. No matter what you do, when you make a film that has the real feel like a raw documentary, it will be compared to the Blair Witch Project. Now, for a moment try to pretend that you have never seen Jaws or at least through cultural osmosis had your fill of it and do the same with the Blair Witch and see this movie. It isn’t great but it is really really good.


This film was made by divers to scare the shit out of divers. What makes this film work so well are the filmmaker’s attention to the details. It’s what the characters say and what they know that make this film feel so real. Not the hand held camera. Though this camera work is much better than a certain film that I’ve already said enough about. The stupid BOURNE SUPREMACY!!! The fact that all the sharks are real and when the directors choose to show them is so manipulative that it ends up to be really scary. Granted, I’m a big coward and I let movies affect me too much, but this was an effective thriller and a convincing drama between this man and this woman stranded in the middle of the ocean.


If that isn’t enough to make you see this movie, did I happen to mention that this film has one remarkable shot of nudity.

~ by fumikaelson on September 27, 2004.

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