Alter Ego: The Heroic Subordinates of Justice


Flower Street Moving Pictures presents a film written and directed by Charlie Baker. Running time 85 minutes. Not Rated, but recommended for adult and film geek audiences.


I had the opportunity recently to attend a small film festival called Bliss Fest 3 The Trilogy. Sad to hear I was attending the last of his festivals, but I had fun while I was there. I attended on the premier night, Friday, where and when their showcased film was Alter Ego: the Heroic Subordinates of Justice.


Before my viewing of this film I had the opportunity to chat with several of the filmmakers responsible for this film or movie I should say, being that it was shot on video rather than film. This film was put together with virtually no money and not a hell of a lot of experience either. Nonetheless I was told that this “movie” was different and interesting. Interesting, usually a code word in the independent film scene for crap. Despite the hype I was optimistic and looking forward to a nice escape from the Hollywood mainstream and films like Matrix Reloaded and Spiderman 2.


The “movie” was indeed interesting. It appeared most of the time like a blind filmmaker searching for his movie or the means for telling a story, metaphorically speaking of course. The use of split screens and voiceovers, black and white saturation and picture on picture, slow motion and super high speed reverse photography, even a scene that’s told through a series of still photographs with the audio in real time. The film possesses a few hints of comedy, several witty lines, but mostly a strong, consistent, movie saving performance by the lead, Jariah Walker. His everyman look and natural delivery take a very ludicrous plot and makes it almost but not quite believable.




This film has several different endings. I must confess that after a scene where a narrator tries to explain something and “the end” appears on the screen I partially stood up though there was 25 minutes left in the film. From that point the film proceeds from the last scene and then back tracks in a very Memento wantabe fashion back to the scene where we left off with. Speaking with the director he was so convinced that that particularly scene which is more the middle of the movie, was the place to end. He said that the last scene in the movie, which was twenty five minutes from the end was the last scene shot in the production and that was the reason for ending the way he ended. Whether or not he’s right, he possesses, I believe, the right mind set. If the film isn’t working in the editing room your best bet is the let the film guide you. This film and the whole project of making it spoke to him and guided his every decision towards the final cut.


The film is a forgettable first effort for any viewer, but a worthy experience for the filmmakers. The subtle hints at talent will definitely peak my interest to any further films by this small studio based in Colorado Springs.


If there are any of you out there with interest for this film you can rent it in Phoenix, AZ at Super Star Video, located on 7th Ave. and Osborn. In Colorado Springs you can rent it at Toons Video, located on Nevada just south of Cache La Poudre. Or you can purchase a copy by visiting for a reduced price.

not the actor nor director from Alter Ego

not a scene from Alter Ego

original poster art for Alter Ego


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One Response to “Alter Ego: The Heroic Subordinates of Justice”

  1. I too was at that showing. I’m surprised we didn’t run into eachother. As one of the filmmakers I agree with almost everything in your review. Thanks for taking the time to watch our production. We look forward to wowing audiences in the future with our new reality TV show “Two guys work’n it out”. Based in a basement the show centers around two guys, rejected by “Real World”, and their work out routine.

    Christopher Robin Baker

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