Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story


20th Century Fox presents a film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Running time: 96 minutes. Rated PG-13 (for rude and sexual humor and language).

A true under dog story does not set out to surprise us, but with a quick wit and a small satirical slap in the nuts, Dodgeball is one of the funniest and best surprises of the year.

Ben Stiller has two styles of acting. The first one is a stupid version of Woody Allen. He stutters, is plagued by bad luck and we watch as he weasels his way in and out of bad situations. It’s probably what a Charlie Chaplin film would look like today. Stiller’s other style, the approach in Dodgeball, is adopting a deeper voice and dropping any and all intelligence from his character (see Zoolander for further reference). This can be very funny just as long as Vince Vaughn and his Fletch like comedic timing can be there to balance the film. Vince Vaughn is like salsa on a Linda Baker tostada, there can never be enough.

There are so many great one liners in this film I’m sure I missed half of them due to the sudden epidemic of insane cackling that broke out as soon as the film started and lasting up until the end. It is recommended that, for this film, you don’t see it alone. Sure you might enjoy it, but only in the company of friends can the enjoyment of this film reach its zenith. In addition, this comedy works exponentially. Which means, the more people you see it with, the funnier it becomes.

This film was obviously put together by mathematical gods and theorists of the like. Only through careful precision can comedy of such accuracy breathe in such a structurally familiar film. Or the filmmakers stumbled upon one of the rarest creatures in existence, a Hollywood screenwriter with wit. They’ve been hunted to the brink of extinction, but there are a few left. Some have found solace in television. Others went into hiding, masking there intelligence and working for Jerry Bruckheimer.

If you have a theory on how this film became this funny please comment. We must find the secret formula so that we all can make funny movies and become rich beyond our wildest imaginations. Why, do you ask, Pinky? So that we can do what it is we do every night…try to take over the world!

~ by fumikaelson on July 1, 2004.

One Response to “Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story”

  1. Ben Stiller is a comic genius! Love the web site and bias reviews! Keep ’em coming!!!!!! Rem

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